The Board of Commissioners Assesses the Recruitment Process of Senior Civil Service Positions

The Board of Commissioners of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) assessed the recruitment process of senior civil service positions and the process of holding mass recruitment exams.

According to a report by the Civil Service Appointments Board (CSAB), the recruitment process of 495 senior civil service positions (grade one and two), weather previously managed by acting directors or vacant, is about to be completed.

Recently, the mass recruitment exams for teaching and entry-level civil service positions in 18 provinces were held, in a transparent and comprehensive manner. About 50,000 applicants competed in these exams. The mass recruitment exams in 15 other provinces are also scheduled to be held when the weather condition is favourable.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, chairman of the IARCSC, talking to the Board of Commissioners meeting via video call, appreciated the work that has been done so far and said that speed and quality should be maintained in the recruitment processes. Chairman Nadery, while reiterated the importance of prioritizing IARCSC’s activities, added that measures which deal with structural reform should be more focused upon. According to the IARCSC’s chairman, the organizational structures of the agencies should be needs-based in order to prevent unnecessary recruitments and waste of resources.