The Commission Established Exam Centers with Advanced Equipment in seven Zones of the Country

Six computerized Exam Centers equipped with advanced technology were inaugurated in Kandahar, Herat, Khost, Nengarhar, Bamyan and Balkh provinces, and another was inaugurated in the Civil Service Institute in Kabul. At the same time, the first computer-based exams for third grade and fourth grade positions were held at these centers.

The purpose of establishing new Exam Centers is to standardize competitive exams, eliminate human interference and provide transparency in recruitment processes of public service administrations.

Computerized Exam Centers in the provinces are connected to the Exams Center in Kabul through a unified, secure communication system. Exams participants at provincial Centers receive their usernames and passwords from Kabul’s Exams Center, minutes before the exam. As the exam begins in the provincial Exam Centers, the exam questions will be provided to participants from the Kabul’s Exams Center. The duration of exams in the provincial Centers is monitored by a control room at the Kabul’s Exams Center. Participants will receive their results immediately after the exam.

Ahmed Nader Nadery, chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, traveled to Kandahar today for the official inauguration of the computerized Exam Centers, and he urged citizens to work with the Commission for the success of these reformative measures.

Mr. Nadery said: “Before this, in order to get appointed in the civil service positions, you needed to have connections in the political patronage or nepotism or pay your way through which made it difficult for citizens who could not afford or did not have that kind of connections in order to get recruited in the agencies. But today, through these Centers, you no longer need money or connections, only your talent and capacity is important. There cannot be interferences between the computer and the participant anymore.”

Chairman of the Commission promised that, by the end of the year, another 14 Exam Centers with necessary equipment would be established in other provinces too.

Participants of the first computer-based exam in the Kandahar province expressed their satisfaction with the manner that exams were conducted.

Mir Zaman Hamdard says: “Now it is the system that is taking our exam and so the powerful cannot interfere in the process.”

Agha Muhammad, another participant, says that after the implementation of the new reform measures, he has been shortlisted after a long time, he expects to be recruited in his favorite position.

Herat’s Exams Center has 40 computers, Kandahar’s Exams Center has has 30 computers, Jalalabad’s Exams Center has has 35 computers, Khost’s Exams Center has 30 computers, Balkh’s Exams Center has 40 computers, Bamyan’s Exams Center has 20 computers, and the Exams Center in the Civil Service Institute in Kabul has 60 computers.