The Procedure on Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities in Civil Service Comes into Effect

The Procedure on Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities in Civil Service came into effect today after it was signed by Mr. Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission.

The Procedure is developed to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the civil service positions, to utilize their abilities and talents, and to set up strategies to eliminate discrimination against this social group. In this Procedure, facilities are provided for persons with disabilities in all recruitment steps.

According to this Procedure, persons with disabilities will have a three percent share in all government agencies and ministries recruitments for vacant positions. Three percent share of vacant positions of the D row (fifth and sixth grades) for persons with disabilities is not subject to collective exams. Persons with disabilities can compete for all positions, except those positions that require full physical capabilities in their ToRs.

Exam questions for persons with disabilities are developed by the Exams Committee tailored to the status of disabled candidates. For persons with disabilities, who are unable to answer questions through written and oral exams, special exams will be developed based on their needs.

If the competition is between candidates which have disabilities and candidates which do not, the Exams Committee is required to consider privilege points for eligible candidates with disabilities–five privilege points for candidates of third grade and fourth grade positions and three privilege points in for candidates of first grade and second grade positions. The privilege points for first grade and second grade positions is valid for two years from the adoption of this Procedure.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Commission, in the International Day of Persons with Disabilities observance ceremony, said: “The civil service institution is required to faithfully comply with the Procedure on Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities in Civil Service, from now on.”

Mr. Nadery, added: “Persons with disabilities have great capacity and abilities whose physical disability disappears in their behaviour and performance. We need to pay attention to their capacity and ability, and as a responsible, kind and just society, it is our collective responsibility to provide the rights of this group of people.”

Benafsha Yaqoobi, Commissioner of the Independent Human Rights Commission, thanked the Chairman of the IARCSC for adopting this Procedure and said: “We must all work to make our society inclusive and to take the society in the direction where everyone’s potentials is utilized.”

Also, Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairperson of the IARCSC, and Shahrzad Akbar, Chairperson of the AIHRC, presented Muhammad Farid Hamidi, the Attorney General, with an appreciation certificate for measures taken by this agency in recruitment of persons with disabilities.

Mohammad Farid Hamidi, the Attorney General, said: “valuing the work encourages and supports institutions and makes us focus more on reforms so that the rights of all citizens are respected.”

Mr. Hamidi, added: “as long as the principle of representation of all citizens of Afghanistan is not taken into account by the institutions, the trust that the Afghan people should have in these institutions, will not be gained. Adopting this procedure is a positive step towards the realization of the rights of persons with disabilities.”

Nearly 3,000 persons with disabilities are employed in the civil service institution, which makes 0.8 percent of all civil servants.