UN Report: Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission has Strengthened Public Administration Capacities

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has welcomed the progress of reform efforts in civil service institutions and the achievements in merit-based recruitment, in its latest report.

UNAMA’s report discusses the IARCSC’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, recruitment in the Civil Service, structural reform in government institutions, development of the E-Recruitment System, addressing complaints about recruitment processes and personnel affairs, legislative reform, the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS), Implementation of Presidential decrees, training civil servants, increasing the number of female civil servants, and other reform measures.

The report states: “implementing a total of 126 presidential directives, decrees, cabinet and High Council decisions related to IARCSC in 2019, the commission strengthened public administration capacities.”

The UNAMA report refers to the HRMIS and says: “The database is intended to advance a merit-based career system across the civil service by maintaining accurate performance data on civil servants. When linked to the salary payroll system, the ‘Human Resources Management Information System’ will also allow for the elimination of ghost officials and teachers.”

Afghanistan’s Fight against Corruption: Crucial for Peace and Prosperity,” is UNAMA’s fourth annual anti-corruption report, which reviews the progress Afghanistan has made in anticorruption reform.